The Color of Ingenuity

Kobe Bryant: Even in Death He’s Schooling Us All

Laptop in hand. TV off. I was in the throws of a website redesign when my 17 years old texted me from work. Not once did I consider Kobe, last name…Bryant! You see, we’ve been dealing with tragedy for weeks/months, so I was bracing myself to hear about another teenager gone too soon. Thankfully, it […]

LeShonda Martin: Giving a Voice to a Community

Sense of Community

Oftentimes, we find ourselves well into adulthood before we figure out what we want to do in life. Most of us change careers a dozen times from the day we’re first asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up” until it’s no longer a question but a choice that must be made. […]

JQ Sports PR: Growing Brands One Client at a Time

Jaquese “JQ” Smith knows her way around 94 feet of hardwood. She’s played at the collegiate level, coached and is currently 1 of 3 hosts on DNA sports talk radio. All of that aside, JQ’s passion lies in her ability to “Groom athletes for success” which was the goal she had in mind when she […]