The Color of Ingenuity

We went back into our bag of gems from African American Entrepreneur Chiwionne Mason, owner/visionary behind Modish Vine, to pull out a few style tips. Gentlemen and the women who love them–take note!

The Look:

BE VERSATILE. No matching tie and hanky’s. According to Mason, “If you’re going to get the matching tie and hanky, that’s cool, just DON’T wear them together. Use the tie and find a completely different pocket square in that same color scheme.”

Not sure what to do now that you know the matching tie and hanky set is a fashion don’t? Mason offers this tip, “You can never go wrong with going to Target and getting a pack of plain white handkerchiefs.”

Only buy self-tie bowties. “You want them to be 100% silk. You want them to have a certain density because when you tie that tie with that windsor knot, you want the dimple in the tie to sit a certain way and you want the tie to hold.”

Neckties that have a dense fabric along with solid, subtle colors are good for the office and business meetings.

A simple Four in Hand Knot is warranted however, you can never go wrong with a double Windsor knot coupled with a nice spread collar shirt.

Your Belt Should Match Your Shoes.

NO WHITE SOCKS. A funky designed pair of socks can be a great statement piece and the best thing about them is they don’t have to match your ensemble.

If you prefer no socks, invest in a loafer sock. They are hidden in the shoe, yet comfortable and your feet won’t sweat in the leather.

Grooming for Gents 101:

Have a standing barber appoint. Mason suggests getting your hair cut once a week.

Go get a manicure and pedicure. There is nothing feminine about that.

There is nothing better than a well-dressed man that smells good. Invest in a good fragrance.

After you shower, before putting on your shirt, dip a cotton ball into some alcohol and apply it to your neck. This will help to remove any excess dirt in your pores and keep the nasty unwanted ring from developing around the collar.

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