The Color of Ingenuity

Despite being born and bred in Brooklyn, NY, Sharnā “Shar” Drayton, owner of Mesh Management and ShArklife Music Services,  was a pop & alternative rock girl until age fifteen.  It was then that she discovered the lyrical mastermind himself, Sean “Jay-Z” Carter and realized that Hip Hop was much more than the rhythmic beats and dope music videos that she had become accustomed to.  In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 was a reflection of her surroundings the teen was able to identify with in a way she hadn’t been able to before. Ultimately, that introduction to Hip Hop became the catalyst for her artist management and music services platforms.

Mesh Management is Drayton’s management and consulting company which manages small business infrastructure as well as the three indy artists currently under her management.  Established in 2015, ShArklife  Music Services was formed as an expansion of Mesh Management.  Its this platform that she considers the “hub for Indy music.”  Primarily considered a branding tool , ShArklife Music Services offers mixtape placement, audio/video production, branding, merchandising, artist collaboration and event booking.  The service has managed to find its footing in the mixing and merging of two thriving  genres within indy music- EDM and Hip Hop.

Known as the “idea person”, Drayton has always had a knack for matching needs and leveraging resources. A natural ability she discovered years ago when she was selling slices of cake to fellow students and later being the go to among her friends when they were in need of a solution to a problem.  A firm believer that, “You’re only as good as what you can be used for” the business savvy entrepreneur has made it her mission to be of use to independent artist; providing the services and guidance that can potentially  lead to their breakout moment.

The current business management major, is using her multiple years of expertise building infrastructure to brand, create revenue streams and grow the platform of artist.  Determined to be “recognized as the place for indy artist to feel safe to come work with other artist” Drayton has successfully spearheaded collaborations between artist who are miles apart.   Connecting NY artist with St. Louis talent and rappers from the U.K, she’s bridging the gap between genres and cultures.  “At the end of the day, I want to be a springboard.  I just want to be a stopping place for you as you’re going up.” explains Drayton.

Along with managing two businesses, three artist and being the hub for indy artists, Drayton is in the middle of planning a two day music festival in Castalia, NC.  Inspired by the South by southwest festival, Drayton is using her ties to NC as a former NC State student, to showcase local talent and build their network.  The event will be held September 1st and 2nd.  Featuring live music, food vendors, pop up shops, dance contest and much more, Drayton’s “go big or go home” mentality will be on full display as she uses her NY connections and hustlers mentality to bring something new to the south.

After all, like Lil Wayne says, “The only thing on the mind of a shark is to eat” and that’s exactly what Drayton is making happen for herself and more importantly for the indy artist she’s so passionate about!


Shar Drayton
Shar Drayton, owner of ShArklife Music Services and Mesh Management


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