The Color of Ingenuity

Born in Harlem but raised in the Bronx, NY native Moni “Moni B” Brodie has been enhancing the confidence of women with the stroke of her brush for over two decades. A makeup artist since the age of 19, Moni B has turned her passion into a lucrative business called Moni B. Cosmetics, LLC which launched in 2014. The beauty maven has used her platform to create numerous opportunities to further the reach of her brand including motivational speaking, most recently adding talk show host and producer to her long list of credits. She’s managed to accomplish all of this while balancing her most important role as a single mother to her 11 year old son Bryce with dignity and poise.

Moni B credits both of her parents for her work ethic. “My mom used to sell Avon. She could sell ice to an Eskimo. You could have two cars already and she could convince you to buy another one.” As for her father, “If my father had to be to work at 6 o’clock in the morning he got there at 5:45 because if you got there are 6 you’re late cause that’s what time you’re supposed to be there.” she recalls. Unfortunately, Moni B lost both of her parents suddenly within a few years of each other. “They say here today gone tomorrow but in my experience it’s been here today gone today. That’s how quickly life can change.” The harsh realities about the fragility of life were the catalyst for Moni B’s decision to leave the security of Corporate America and focus solely on making Moni B. Cosmetics a success.

Moni B. Cosmetics is a cosmetic line that features lipsticks, lipliners, lipglosss, lip balms and scrubs with bold eye catching colors and attention grabbing names such as “She Did That, Selfie Queen and Friday Night” to name a few. For her, this line isn’t just about the superficial aspects of beauty, it’s about having each woman who wears a Moni B. Cosmetics product walking away from her mirror feeling “confident.” Moni B. Cosmetics has adorned the lips of celebrities such as Jasmine Sullivan, Towanda Braxton, Erika Alexander and Bo Talley to name a few. Currently based in Raleigh, NC Moni B. Cosmetics is available online as well as Hairizon in Northgate Mall in Durham, NC. Moni B is currently looking forward to expanding her presence by making her product line available in additional stores throughout the area.

Social media has played a pivotal role in the success of the cosmetics line and her brand as a whole. Moni B believes part of the appeal has been her ability to be authentic and transparent with followers by sharing bits and pieces of her everyday life. Through tagging and sharing of customer posts, Moni B. Cosmetics has gained a loyal customer base that expands beyond the U.S. to include South Africa, Dubai, England & Paris.

Moni B’s ability to expand her brand rests in a simple philosophy… “I’m a firm believer that anything you love, you should find more than one way to make money from it! They say millionaires have at least seven streams of income. Why should those seven streams be seven different streams of income? They can be seven streams of income within what you love to do.” That’s exactly what she’s managed to do with the upcoming launch of her talk show, Beauty In The Mix, which is set to debut online on May 28th.

Beauty In The Mix isn’t just about the building of the Moni B empire. It’s about real conversation with everyday people that isn’t celebrity focused like most talk shows. More importantly, Moni B hopes that it creates “opportunity for other people to launch their platforms.”

Moni B’s ability to constantly invent new ways to make an impact in the beauty industry will cement her staying power but it is her desire to be of service to others that will cement her legacy.

Moni B, owner of Moni B. Cosmetics


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