The Color of Ingenuity

Frequently we hear about the absence of fathers and male figures in the lives of men which is often the catalyst for who they become. For Raleigh native, Chiwionne Mason, owner/visionary behind Modish Vine, it was the presence of strong male figures that set him on a road to becoming a man and ultimately an entrepreneur. Mason was fortunate to have two male influences, his great-grandfather “Pop Pop” and father, shape and mold him into manhood. In additions to their influence, Mason was also a member of the ROTC at his alma mater, Broughton High School. As such, upon graduation Mason embarked on a career in the United States Marine Corp. After his tenure, Mason became an IT professional. Several years into his return to civilian life, childhood memories and the encouragement of his father would become the root of the brand that he is currently building.

Mason affectionately recalls the impact both his father and great-grandfather had on his sense of style, “My love of fashion came from my father and my great grandfather. My Pop Pop was always sharp; always clean. I was the typical little boy watching dad or watching Pop Pop do what they do in the morning. Watching them shave, put on after shave, watching him press his clothes for the following day. Then, once I finally started growing, I would sneak into the closet grabbing neckties and blazer putting them on and sneaking cologne out his drawer. I’m twelve years old walking in junior high smelling like Hugo Boss.” At an early age, they were laying a blueprint for the style maverick.

For as long as he can remember, Mason was the go to “style consultant” amongst his friends. When one of his peers was attending an event, it was his number they would dial for advice on what tie looked best with what ensemble or what shoes complimented a particular outfit. It happened so often Mason’s father encouraged him to “Do something with your talent.” In 2014, Mason established Modern Movement which is now known as Modish Vine.

Initially, Mason sold shambhala bracelets however that soon evolved into a full line of accessories. “I can take two suits and remix them. Different slacks with a different jacket–bowtie, no tie, ascot, lapel pin, pocket square, no pocket square. For me that’s what made me want to focus solely on accessories because accessories are what make the suit” according to Mason.

Modish Vine offers neckties, bowties, lapel boutonnieres and wrist wear for gentlemen while providing statement pieces for women. Modish Vine is considered a concierge service as Mason provides in home services to his clientele such as style consultations & closet makeovers. The entire stock of accessories are available online as well as for in person delivery within the Triangle.

This past prom season, Mason styled several local high school students easily making them the “highlight of their proms” with unique looks that accentuated their personalities. “I try to stay away from tradition. Why do you want to spend $150 on a tux rental that someone else has worn a jillion times when you can purchase a suit, a shirt–Modish Vine tie, lapel pin, pocket square and socks. Allow me to assit you with your fitting and help you select the right shoes and guess what; that’s yours to keep. You can take that $250 and you can wear that another two years vs a $150 tux that you have to give back the next day.” A testament to Mason belief that a great suit is an investment.

However, its not a suit and accessories alone that turn everyday men into dapper gentlemen; proper grooming and hygiene are equally as important. Mason stresses completing the look by having all aspects of your appearance intact. A fresh hair cut, manicure and body language that exudes confidence all play a pivotal role in your style. Mason emphasizes that “Image is important.”

Along with being his own brand ambassador, Mason recognizes that networking has been a huge draw for his business. “Network has never been a part of my vocabulary like it is now. For business owners, networking is golden. It’s so clutch. That’s how you get to know people to get your name and your product out.” Church conventions and various vendor events have also been key elements to the Modish Vine brand.

As for the future, Mason states, “an official launch is definitely coming” and he’s excited about “something new and exciting that no one else is doing” which will be revealed in the near future. Until then Mason continues to focus on, “Making sure that I can provide dashing accessories to bring todays society and my clientele- fashion forward.”

Modish Vine

Chiwionne Mason
Owner/Visionary of Modish Vine

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