The Color of Ingenuity

At the young age of 28, Malebo Oldjohn-Tsindi has discovered what most are still in search of…Self-Awareness, Faith and Purpose. Born and raised in South Africa, Oldjohn-Tsindi grew up in a village called Lotlhakane, which is located in a town called Mahikeng, in the North West province however the message that she conveys as a author, motivational speaker, mentor and life coach is universal and translates across continents. A graduate of Letsatsing Science High School, Oldjohn-Tsindi went on to obtain her diploma in Information Technology from PC Training and Business College in 2010.

A couple of years removed from college, Oldjohn-Tsindi entered a relationship that has impacted her life in ways she never imagined. According to Oldjohn-Tsindi, “In 2012, I made a conscious decision of accepting Christ as my personal savior and Lord, and ever since that time, my life has changed.” For years, the journey after her awakening was a personal one that led to significant weightloss and self discovery. Most recently, her mission has shifted and it’s her belief that she is “called to heal a nation.”

In February 2015, Oldjohn-Tsindi formed Bontlehela which means “beautiful” in English. The organization empowers individuals to meet and exceed personal and professional goals while living happy and fulfilled lives. Bontlehela offers one on one coaching as well as a six month mentorship program. “The mentorship was designed to help people unleash the greatness in them and also achieve their goals” explains Oldjohn-Tsindi. Over the past two years, she has made great strides in shaping the lives of those who seek the services of Bontlehela to maintain a healthy work life balance.

Additionally, Oldjohn-Tsindi along with two other women, Tsholofelo Ramushu and Nthabiseng Mokgosi, founded Unstoppable Force – a movement composed of individuals who’ve made it their mission to meet life’s challenges head on and preserve against all odds. “They are relentless with their vision and they will not stop regardless of their circumstances.” Unstoppable Force is currently running it’s third seminar entitled “I AM“. Oldjohn-Tsindi explains, “At the seminar, we will be teaching people how to use your thoughts, words, and actions to build unwavering faith, transform your life and elevate relationships.”

Oldjohn-Tsindi also hopes to encourage women to discover their worth while embracing traditional roles. Her book, The Journey: The Transformation of an Ordinary Woman to an Extraordinary One, teaches women how to have it all professionally while still being a submissive wife. “I felt that young women like myself are lost because of equality and women empowerment and it felt as if we do not know our roles anymore. So I decided to put it in a book and encourage them to take their roles yet again.” She also speaks candidly about once being a young woman who sought relationships that could provide materialistic and economic status before finally realizing that she possessed everything needed to live the life she envisioned.

Completely focused on her future, faith and calling, Oldjohn-Tsindi hopes the legacy she leaves behind is one that inspires people to believe in themselves yet again. “The problem we have is not that people are inadequate, the issue is that people don’t realize the power within them.” Oldjohn-Tsindi is doing her part in healing a nation and empowering a community of believers.

Oldjohn-Tsindi plans to release her second book as well as a breakfast talk show later this year.

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