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Often, brides who choose to tackle the task of planning on their own are close to pulling their hair out right up until the moment they walk down the aisle. I suppose that’s why God created wedding planners! One such godsend is Keisha Scott, owner of K Scott Weddings which is based in Greensboro, NC.

Born and raised in Jamaica, Scott’s family moved to New York during her youth. As a young adult, Scott attended UCONN to study pre-med and eventually switched to nursing. As a nurse, Scott often found herself setting up and planning events around the hospital as well as at church. It wasn’t until she planned her first wedding in 2004 for a former co-worker that she realized a shift in her talents and career path were inevitable. “She was an African bride, not knowing years later that would be my niche.” states Scott. Over the next few years, Scott planned weddings in her spare time. Upon her move to North Carolina in 2006, she decided to dedicate more of her time and talents to the profession.

In 2013, Scott rebranded her business. K Scott Weddings specializes in “planning exclusive cultural weddings” and is quite possibly the only wedding planning company in North Carolina to do so. “Everything was always different. Nothing was ever the same and they brought in all of these elements that I’d never seen before.” Scott explains when describing her experience with planning cultural weddings. Finding her niche early, Scott has been successfully assisting brides and grooms of various ethnic backgrounds plan their weddings with respect to all the traditions that represent their culture.

Scott has helped Hindu, African, Asian, Sikh, Pakistani and Punjabi families plan their weddings. For planners unfamiliar with a particular culture, that would be a daunting task but Scott spends a great amount of time researching as well as taking in information from her interactions with the families to successfully plan the events. “I learned a lot from the families. The parents of the couple tend to be very involved and are extremely helpful in the planning process.” With each wedding Scott plans she adds more to her knowledge base of various cultures which ultimately helps with future weddings. Paying close attention to decor, detail and tradition has helped Scott secure weddings of various cultures.

K Scott Weddings offers full service planning & design, event management as well as destination weddings. Their mission as stated on there website is to “provide you with a timeless wedding that reflects the culture and love that you both share.” Its evident from the customer comments and pictures that are present on the website; thats exactly what K Scott Weddings is doing. Scott takes the upmost pride in her work, she professes, “Wedding planning isn’t just standing in a corner holding a clipboard. You have to get in there and engage.”

Scott is currently focusing on expanding her business to other states. She is also hoping to secure a warehouse space that will allow her to provide her clients with a “one stop shop” for decor and various wedding details. K. Scott weddings has a lock on the marketplace for cultural weddings and are happy to provide a service that represents the “infusion of love and culture.”

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