The Color of Ingenuity

The consistency of Regina Hall, the versatility of Jada Pinkett-Smith, the legend that is Queen Latifah and the emergence of Tiffany Haddish just turned Hollywood on it’s ear this past weekend with the release of the hilariously funny film Girls Trip. These four women created the kinda #BlackGirlMagic via the big screen that will keep droves of women (not just African American women) flocking to the theater for weeks to come. It was the kinda film that will have Tinseltown reimaging the power of African American box office appeal, travel agencies buzzing, long lost friends reconnecting and Essence Fest at capacity come 2018.

The genius that was Girls Trip doesn’t just rest with the ensemble cast– it started as the brainchild of Will Packer who was also a producer of the film.  He brought in Malcolm D. Lee to direct and the #BlackGirlMagic continued with Kenya Barris and Tracey Oliver as writers. Universal Studios partnered with Will Packer Productions on a summer feel good movie that has moviegoers going back for a second dose.  They’re collaborative efforts along with many other contributors provided the seed from which cinematic greatness was born.

For women, Girls Trip reminded us of what sisterhood feels like.  Each character represented a member of your clique in some capacity.  You instantly remembered  what its like to force your squad’s “Lisa”  to break out of the monotony, to laugh uncontrollably while simultaneously trying to tame “Dina” ,  to party with “Sasha” and to love on “Ryan” when “Stewart” messed up.  Not since Waiting To Exhale has a movie made me long for the comfort, laughter and vulnerability that true sisterhood brings.

The philandering husband was so secondary in this movie although necessary to provide a well-constructed narrative. The film was filled with so many #BlackGirlMagic moments that I was too occupied basking in our glow to even be bother by “Stewart’s” indiscretions. Charlamange Da God provided a disclaimer for the fellas after he viewed the movie but I don’t believe it was necessary! I find it hard to believe that women side-eyed their husbands, boyfriends or significant others for longer than a second before they were doubled over again from laughter. Besides we were all far too occupied salivating over Malik (Kofi Siriboe) and mesmerized by Julien (Larenz Tate) to dwell on the failings of one trifling Stewart (Mike Colter).  And when the credits began to roll, we were still covered in #BlackGirlMagic pixie dust; texting our homegirls demanding that we hit up Essence  2018 to ponder on “Stewart’s” stupidity.

The appeal of Girls Trip has put Hollywood on notice.  This film demonstrated unequivocally that four African American  actresses  have the ability to carry a movie that has universal appeal. Not since 2015, has a comedy had the opening weekend success that Girls Trip had.  Clearly, Hollywood is starting to take notice with films like Detroit and Black Panther slated for release in the near future but I’m not sure they really bought into the versatility across genres until this past weekend.  Note to Hollywood: We need more films with African American leads, writers, directors and producers because we too represent the American experience.

And can we touch on the fact that the travel industry just received a huge boost because of the brilliance that is Girls Trip. Imagine the droves of sorors, besties, childhood friends and facebook travel groups already planning their own “Girls Trip” because of this film.  I’ve seen countless facebook ads, twitter threads and instagram posts promoting travel since opening weekend and I’m sure it will continue over the next few weeks.  Women eagerly buying plane tickets, booking rental cars, reserving hotel suites in anticipation of a weekend with their “Flossy Posse” partying like its 1999.  Look out Essence, we’re all headed to Nola for the ultimate Girls Trip experience July 4, 2018.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t wait until its On Demand or available on Redbox. You’d be depriving yourself of the chance to be in a movie theater filled with women laughing, dancing,  celebrating and Hi-Fiving melaninated dopeness! Trust me, it’s good for the soul.


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