The Color of Ingenuity

About The Color of Ingenuity

Sharing Stories, Uncovering Possibilities

The Color of Ingenuity is a weekly podcast that explores our remarkable contributions and entrepreneurial spirt. Created to share the stories, insights, and profound impact of African American business owners; we’re only scratching the surface of what it means to be bold, black and brilliant.

Inspire. Empower. Impact

The Beauty of Ingenuity

Through in-depth interviews, personal anecdotes, and thought-provoking conversations, The Color of Ingenuity provides an intimate look at the lives and legacies of everyday entrepreneurs, change agents and truth bringers.

Offering a window into the stories that often go untold, we highlight the underrecognized influence of African Americans shaping culture and igniting change where they’re planted.

With a multimedia approach that includes a blog, podcast and video content, discover the multifaceted contributions of our people while gaining a deeper understanding of the beauty of our ingenuity.

Our Journey

From War Cry to Passion Project

I wish I had a rosey story to tell about how The Color of Ingenuity started, but the truth is, I started it as a direct response to the murders of black men and women at the hands of police and “other folk.”

I’d blogged about it all on various platforms, If I Ruled and Brighter Future, but my “f**k this s**t” cup had runneth over, and I was determined to do something!

In 2016, I created a platform highlighting our genius while encouraging us to invest in ourselves and our communities while recycling our dollars. Hence, The Color of Ingenuity.

I wrote about the everyday entrepreneur for years, hoping it would spark change. And it did in some small way.

But it’s time to go BIGGER!

Now, we’re back with the next iteration of The Color of Ingenuity, minus the visceral reactions. 

The same fire exists to tell our stories but from a place of passion instead of anger.

Plus, we dope as hell and everybody should know it.

More About Kim

A North Carolina native, Kimberly’s passions are rooted in culture, service and the written word.

Discovering her love for words at a young age, she could often be found tucked away in a corner reading or scribbling on the side of dressers. 

As an adult, she has written creatively and professionally for over a decade, contributing to magazines, anthologies and blogs. 

In 2010, she founded The Mahogany Experience, a highly successful writing group for black spoken word artists, writers and authors in the Triangle. 

A servicewoman at heart, Kimberly has used her knack for storytelling to highlight the African American entrepreneurial experience through The Color of Ingenuity.

Kimberly released her first children’s book, Better Than ME, in 2018. She is also the owner of Couture Copywriting, a boutique copywriting service that specializes in website and email marketing copy for black-owned, women-led businesses.

When she isn’t painting a canvas with words, she enjoys volunteering, traveling and belly-aching laughs with close family and friends.