The Color of Ingenuity

Mom, community activist, author, social media/marketing specialist and business owner are just a few of the titles that Chakara Conyers holds. Methodically building her brand by finding voids and fulfilling needs; she is successfully running multiple businesses simultaneously. Growing up in the Southside of Raleigh, Conyers’ didn’t live a life of luxury but it was filled with a strong sense of family and community. Today, Conyers is building a brand that’s deeply rooted in those same values.

“I love writing. I love creating. I love marketing.” beams Conyers. She has managed to put each one of those talents to work, first as an author of two books, Hard Dreams and Life’s Gamble, as owner of Kara Khaotic Marketing LLC which is a business that offers writing, clerical and marketing services as well as owner of Khaotic Grillz which specializes in making custom grillz.

Prior to establishing her businesses, Conyers spent several years as a blogger; posting up to five times a day. “I’m very open when it comes to who I am. I don’t hide anything. When I’m an open book, nobody can come back and tell what I’ve already told. Being open and transparent pulled my audience closer to me and made them feel that I was just like them.” Consistency and engaging her followers via social media eventually led to opportunities for her as a contributing writer on Rap Rehab and Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine.”Longevity is what builds your brand” notes Conyers.

A mentor of sorts to Conyers, Tiphani Montgomery (fellow author, speaker and business developer), whom she has “always looked up to” explained to her early on that “your contacts are your profit.” That advice and those opportunities allowed Conyers to build a following that has been paramount to her success.

Perhaps what’s most impressive about Conyers is that while some would choose to distance themselves from their humble beginnings, she embraces it! “I come from the hood, I’m in the hood, so I sold my books in the hood.” she explains when speaking about her first entrepreneurial venture as a self published author. She didn’t shy away from South Raleigh as she began to venture out into various facets of business and its those same neighborhoods that have remained loyal to her in her varied entrepreneurial endeavors. It’s also those same consumers that she often markets her resume services to because she understands the importance of helping that demographic find gainful employment.

Her business savvy and ability to understand her core audience/followers made establishing Khaotic Grillz a no-brainer for Conyers. While most of Conyers endeavors have been writing based, this has probably been one of her most innovative moves thusfar. She recognized a need and teamed up with a childhood friend whom also happens to be a jeweler to provide the service. That along with the her writing projects afforded Conyers the stability needed to quit her job earlier this year. “I make in 15 minutes selling one pair of grillz what I would have made in one day for an eight hour shift working for the county.” she explains.

Along with running the aforementioned businesses, Conyers is also working to help solidify the music scene in North Carolina by helping to brand artist. She is currently doing her part by promoting singles and videos, writing bios and designing EPKs for artist. Her connections with various media establishments and radio personalities have been essential in helping local artists build their brands.

Conyers wears a multitude of hats and balances each with style and grace. With all of her numerous accomplishments, I think it’s safe to say…Conyers is the epitome of a hustler.

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