The Color of Ingenuity

As business owners, it seems that you often learn through trial and error unless you have great mentors or business advisors helping you along the way. Truthfully, there’s nothing wrong with a little trial by fire from time to time because we probably gain the most insight as a result of our failures.  However, let’s try to avoid 2nd and 3rd degree burns…shall we? AT&T’s initiative is helping small business owners do just that.

Its always nice to have information at your fingertips that can help you avoid various pitfalls, make informed decisions and discover opportunities you didn’t know existed. An added bonus is when those resources also create challenges/contest that could win your company cold hard cash to invest in your continued growth. That’s basically what AT&T did in partnership with Chris Gardner over the last few months.

The #Agility challenge awarded one lucky small business owner $50,000.00 for embracing agility and applying the concept to their business. Although the contest has come to a close, when I discovered the site, I was just as interested in the stories of the various business owners and the helpful articles that were displayed.

I suggest you take a look, read the stories of your fellow business owners including the contest winners and sign up for business circle updates. If nothing else, you’d probably like to be on the mailing list should they decided to renew the #Agility challenge next year.

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