The Color of Ingenuity

Since I started #TheColorOfIngenuity, I’ve learned a few business essentials that were true “Ah Ha” moments for me. Some things made perfect sense once I heard them while others were straight epiphanies.  Thankfully, I now have them in my arsenal for the future.  Truth be told, I probably would’ve never considered them if it weren’t for the hour long conversations I’ve been blessed to have with African American entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and innovators that have allowed me to share their stories. I’m a firm believer in sharing information so here are 3 Things #TheColorOfIngenuity Features Have Taught Me!


How To Get Your Product On Whole Foods Market Shelves

Whole Foods

I’m sure those of you who have amazing products have walked the aisle of your favorite stores imagining the day that your brand can be displayed within them.  Well, if you’ve ever dreamed of having your products on Whole Foods Market  shelves, the process begins in-store! Kimberly Clayton-Thigpen, owner of The Bath Place, gave me this tidbit of information during my very first interview for #THECOLOROFINGENUITY.

Now, some thing may have changed since Thigpen was able to secure her spot on Whole Foods Market shelves but one thing remains the same; Whole Foods Market buyers are onsite. Walk into your local Whole Foods Market and request to speak with a buyer, be ready to pitch your product and follow up in whatever way they might direct you.

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Invest in Your Brand & Hire A Brand Strategist


When you first start any platform no matter what it is, you take on a lot of duties and essentially become an employee of your platform.  While there’s nothing wrong with that, at some point that has to change!  When it comes to building your brand, no one knows you, your intentions and your brand better than you but…a brand strategist knows people, places and things that you don’t.  A brand strategists can get you, your products and services into doors that you may not have known were even possible.

Moni Bee, owner of Moni B. Cosmetics, taught me that in a conversation we had long after I initially interviewed her.  Her brand strategist has been able to get her products in the hands of several celebrities and into gift bags distributed at an event at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  There is no greater exposure than that!

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Don’t Conform; Stand Out

Dont Conform

While most of us creatives understand that we are multifaceted, some still try to conform to whats “socially acceptable”–Don’t! It’s ok to be authentically you especially when you’re a creative, innovator or entrepreneur.  Being you without constraints & labels is what sets you apart from the rest.


Shenette Swann, Singer/Author/Dancer/Advocate/Speaker/Owner of Spark Wonder and New Narratives, won’t allow you to label her and we admire her for that.  She’s found a way to share her gifts without being boxed into any one category.  The best thing about how she chooses to live here life is that she’s empowering others to do the same.

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Those are just a few of the gems we’ve picked up along the way.  There’s so much more to share but we want to hear from you.  Share one piece of information you’ve acquired throughout your journey.






12 Responses

  1. I love your use of details when you are describing each element of what you have learned from Color Ingenuity. By providing your readers with stories of those whom are like minded with the goals they are trying to obtain.

  2. I’ve learned that most people want you to succeed and will be supportive. There so much negativity out there, and so many haters. It can be scary to put yourself out there. I was surprised by how positive people have been about my project, and how many people are truly rooting for me.

  3. Another great post! Super cool info about Whole Foods, I had no idea. My favorite of the three things you mention would definitely be that last one: Don’t Conform; Stand out. It’s so easy to take what people label as best practices and make it a standard you feel you have to live up to or rules you have to follow exactly to succeed. I can say I’ve experienced that internal pressure from time to time. But if we allow ourselves to be boxed in or to become a carbon copy of someone else then how much of a creative or leader are we really allowing ourselves to be? Good stuff!

    1. Exactly Cara! Being you is the only way you can look back with pride on the things you’ve accomplished at the end of the day. It’s much harder to conform than to be authentically you!

  4. Love it “don’t conform stand out” reminds me of the bible verse don’t be conformed by this world. Being yourself is def. key

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