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About The Color Of Ingenuity:


Synonyms: Inventiveness, Cleverness, Resourcefulness, Imagination, Originality, Creativity and skill

The Color Of Ingenuity was created as a vehicle to tell the stories of African American Business owners from startup to success and the journey in between. We will publish content every week such as interviews, helpful business information, historical and present day acheivements of African Americans.

The mission of The Color of Ingenuity is to promote African American businesses, inspire future entrepreneurs and expose EVERY consumer to all the goods and service that African American business owners provide while helping to recycle the black dollar within our communities.

There are a lot of sites that have business listings but #TheColorOfIngenuity takes it one step further by conducting one on one interviews with business owners. Get to know the owners and the products and services they offer.

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About Kimberly Albritton:

Kimberly Albritton, a North Carolina native, is a writer with a passion for storytelling. Finding her love of words at a young age, she has written both creatively and professionally for over a decade. Kimberly has written for magazines, coordinated poetry events and ran a successful writing group for African American writers in the Raleigh area.

Kimberly is a servicewoman by heart; constantly looking for ways to be of service to her community. Hence, her brainchild, THE COLOR OF INGENUITY. She is a firm believer that the best way to be of service to the African American community is to empower them to invest in themselves and recycle their dollars.

Today, she is telling the stories of local business owners with hopes of traveling abroad to tell the stories of African American business owners across the country.